Monday, 2 April 2012

Finally a bit of order!

Since January I have re located storage units and am embarking on clearing the last of the clothing and textiles from the shop… I anticipate that this may still take some time! The process of packing, freezing down and then unpacking at the other end is long but ultimately very rewarding when I find myself pulling out a fine sequined top or gorgeous ‘mother of the bride’ ensemble that I’ve never seen before- didn’t I put them in the bag?
It’s been a real boost doing various events during this process.  As well as clearing pockets of much needed space as I sell bits and pieces at markets, I have met some great people; general public and local designers and makers, many of whom have had visited Clifton Hill Antique Costume and Textiles in the past and are hotly anticipating it’s reopening.

So as I unpack the last of this week’s sacks and assemble the remaining rails, the welcome site of the floor means I can now get on with picking the stock for the weekend’s markets.  I am very excited to be taking part in the first of the Tobacco Factory’s monthly Retroville, it will be held the first Sunday of every month and show case a selection of local vintage sellers.  As I live just around the corner, this is a market I attend most weekends for a snack and a browse and I can’t wait to get involved.   The second event this Sunday is the ‘Marry Me In Somerset’ wedding fair that will be held in Yeovil’s Westland Leisure Complex, where I shall be showing a selection of wedding dresses, mother of the bride outfits, evening gowns and party costumes alongside some of my beautiful Babydoll/ Mad Men style nighties, dressing table sets and accessories.


  1. Very exciting stuff, lovely to see your hard work paying off. Look forward to seeing the stall at the Tobacco Factory at the next Retroville event.